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MphiThe portable solution.

This model provides the convenience of portability while delivering the same patented MLS pulse in the previous (M1) model.  The Mphi features MLS sources with a peak power of 25 W and an average power of up to 1.2 W.  The synchronization of continuous (808nm) and pulsed (905nm) emissions reaches deep into the tissue to create a powerful therapeutic anti-inflammatory, anti-edema and analgesic effect.

Unique Features

mphi1The Mphi features an advanced user interface equipped with an illuminated touch-screen color display, which provide ease of use to the operator. The software is designed with the ability to customize each treatment.


The lens of the standard handpiece covers a target area of 2 cm in diameter, activating the photoreceptors of the area treated while activating a large area of the underlying tissue.

mphi3The filter for hair, dirt and debris ensures maximum efficiency during each treatment.