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EVO all Handpieces Parts 1Increased Utility for Your Practice

Building upon the previous model, EVO produces an even faster analgesic response and allows the operator to safely treat more indications with the same precision dosing.  In this model, MLS sources have a peak power of 75 W and an average power of up to 1.2 W delivered with the synchronization of emissions (continuous/chopped and pulsed), which enables the user to reach desired tissue depth, while ensuring complete safety against collateral tissue (heat) damage.

Thanks to the higher peak power, one may act on the source of pain more directly by increasing the anti-inflammatory effects, speeding up the anti-edema effects and promoting activation of cellular regeneration processes.

Unique Features

evo1The EVO is equipped with software protocols specific to canine, feline, equine and exotic applications. The predefined protocol treatment parameters may be modified for a more personalized therapeutic approach.

evo2The innovative and ergonomic handpiece incorporates two overlying laser sources, covering a target area of 2 cm in diameter.  This patented design allows for light skin contact to maximize energy fluence and minimize loss.  A large optical system focuses them and transmits their maximum synergy, resulting in optimal delivery to irradiate the muscular trigger points simultaneously and evenly.

evo3With a new feature, the interchangeable head of the handpiece, the standard lens may be quickly and easily removed and replaced with acupuncture and intraoral tips.

The acupuncture tip (conical light guide) has been designed for laser puncture, with a spot size measuring only 4mm in diameter. The intraoral tip (curved light guide) is particularly suitable for conditions such as gingivitis and stomatitis.

evo4The filter for hair, dirt and debris ensures maximum efficiency during each treatment.