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Better Medicine. Better Business.

evo allLaser Therapy, the fastest growing modality within the veterinary market, will allow you to expand your service offerings while adding profit to your practice!

MLS Laser Therapy, a Class IV technology, provides… 

  • Effective treatment of painful and debilitating conditions
  • Patient safety without the risk of collateral tissue damage
  • A patented pulse pattern delivering unparalleled clinical results



vet whitepaperDownload Our White Paper
“New Revenue Opportunities for Veterinarians”

This white paper will teach you how ...

... to capitalize on pet spending trends

... to position your practice for growth

... other veterinarians are using MLS® Laser Therapy as a competitive advantage


vet infographicDownload Our Infographic
“MLS® Laser Therapy for Veterinary Practices”

This infographic will show you ...

... one way to leverage market trends

... why therapeutic lasers have evolved

... the features of MLS® Laser Therapy that optimize results



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